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Beautiful Glasses and Expert Care

zeiss.pngWhen we select which spectale frames or sunglasses we want to have in practice there are a few things in we have in mind:

  1.   Our frames need to be beautiful, well made and of great quality
  2.   We need to know they will be extremely comfortable and will give pleasure day after day
  3.   We want them to be at the cutting edge of current trends and style.

We buy frames from all around the world and only select the very best to have in the practice.  Our range constantly changes both in line with the seasons and as new styles and designs start to emerge. 

We hope you love our selection.


Telford opticians are also the official ZEISS Partner for North Down.  This means we have access to the full range of amazing Zeiss Lenses and are always the first to have new products. 

Two incredible innovations from Zeiss are the DriveSafe Lens and the UvProtect Lens. 

I wouldn't drive now without my DriveSafe Lenses.  They were developed alongside Mercedes Benz in Germany to deal with the latest headlight technology by reducing dazzle and glare.  I also love them during the day as they increase contrast and just make everything that bit more defined.

UvProtect has been a revolution.  Up to now, no clear spectacle lens in the world has given full Uv Protection.  Uv can damage the eye in the same way as it can damage the skin, but has also been linked to Cataract deveolpment and Macular Degeneration.  The new Zeiss UvProtect gives full Uv Protection and is the lens we recommend for everyone.

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right pair of spectacles.  From the frame selection through to the myriad of lens options but this is where we come in. 

In practice we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help guide you to the perfect pair of spectacles.  Don't be afraid to pick our brains, We love it! 











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