Dear Santa!!

Jacqueline Bouvier visits the Shipyard. Did you know that Jackie O visited the Shipyard with her husband Aristotle in 1970? I didn't until I saw it on the brilliant Pop goes Northern Ireland. Also amazing that her name became a style of spectacles. Always hard to beat a nice pair of Jackie Os.

Anyone out on the bike this weekend? Just got these Adidas sports glasses in today with the fantastic prescription clip. A great solution for one of our keen cyclists.

DVLA urges eye tests. The BBC reported this morning: 'UK drivers are being urged to test their eyesight after a DVLA survey suggested 50% of motorists were not aware of the minimum standards needed for a licence.' Drivers must be able to read a number plate from 20m (65ft) away. But the agency's survey found only half of drivers knew about the eye test and used it to regularly self-check, as they are legally required to do. Those who do not pass the test should visit an optician, a DVLA doctor said. Learner drivers must pass the eye test as part of their practical exam - and are then legally obliged to ensure their sight remains good enough to drive thereafter. The DVLA's Wyn Parry warned vision can "naturally deteriorate over time", adding that regular checks to ensure good eyesight were "essential for safe driving". ■ Drivers 'should have compulsory eye tests every decade' ■ Number of drivers aged over 90 tops 100,000 for first time ■ Driver 'blamed Specsavers' after fatal crash Performing the test can be done on any street and only takes "a couple of seconds", said Dr Parry. Five car lengths is said to roughly match the 20m distance, with drivers being encouraged to use the measure to test their vision on the number plates of passing cars. Drivers over the age of 70 must actively make a declaration every three years that they are fit to drive - but do not actually have to pass a test. We think this is really simple. Make an appointment with us, have a full eye test and stay safe.

Looking for a new career? Over the summer we will be recruiting a new full time opticial advisor for our practice in Bangor. This is a great opportunity to join a rapidly growing practice and enjoy being part of a fantastic team. We are not necessarily looking for optical experience as we can teach you everything. But we are looking for a star at good old fashioned customer service and for someone who is keen to learn. If you are interested PM me to get things started.

Busy morning at the Ards Saturday Market today. It's too hot to keep checking the temperature and it feels like 30c so from now until it rains, its £30 off all Rayban sunglasses!

Barra says 28c tomorrow. So £28 off all Rayban Sunglasses. To everyone who came in and got their Raybans today with £30 discount enjoy the sun in style. 😎😎😎

Barra Best says This is Hot!!!!!! To celebrate this amazing weather we are giving a discount off our entire range of Rayban Sunglasses equal to the highest temperature in Northern Ireland. For every 1 Degree Celsius in the warmest part of the country we will give you a £1 discount off your new sunglasses. Tomorrow it's predicted to be 30c so that's £30 off all sunnies! This promotion lasts until it starts to rain so make hay while the sun shines. 😎😎😎 Like and Share!!!

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