Covid-19 Update

Throughout the current situation we are here for you by phone, video and if necessary in person in both the Newtownards and Bangor practices.

If you have any questions about your eyes or your glasses, call us for advice or help.

Sight Tests

Following advice by the Department of Health routine eye examinations are currently suspended. We can however provide an eye examination if it is essential or an emergency. For advice on this, please just phone either practice.

Emergency Care

If you have any sudden eye or vision problem, phone us immediately. We can provide an initial consultation by phone or video. If we cannot resolve the problem by phone or video we will then arrange to see you in practice.

HGV Drivers Sight Tests

These have been classified as essential. If you are an HGV driver and need an eye examination to renew your licence please give us a call.

Broken Spectacles / Replacement Spectacles

Our laboratory is still open and we can arrange repairs or replacement spectacles. Please phone either practice to discuss anything you need.

Essential Adjustments

If you need an adjustment please phone either practice.

Contact Lenses

Currently we are still able to order contact lenses from all our suppliers. If you are a member of our Best Vision Plan contact lens scheme, your lenses will arrive as normal and we can arrange delivery to your doorstep. If you buy contact lenses over the counter please phone us to re-order, allowing some extra time for delivery.

Key Workers

If you are a key worker we are here to help keep you safe and on the frontline. Phone either practice for anything that you need and thank you for everything you are doing.

General Advice

We are here for absolutely everyone. Whether you are a patient of Telford Opticians or not we are here to help during this time. For any advice just call.
Within practice we are following all the latest advice on infection control and social distancing. Our staff will be wearing advised PPE and the practice is, as always, following strict hygiene measures.
If you need to attend the practice we would ask that you wear a face cover.



028 9127 0688


028 9182 2099

Thank you for your continued support at this time.

Take care, stay safe and best wishes.

Len Telford, William Stockdale