About Telfords

Beautiful Glasses and Expert Care

From the moment you contact Telfords you will realise that they are not just your local opticians...Telfords was established over 19 years ago in Newtownards with the commitment to invest in and improve the level of affordable eyecare for everyone. This continues today, with 2 locations in Newtownards and Bangor Telfords aims to provide a comprehensive service to rival all others.

Experienced Opticians Len Telford and William Stockdale are not only providing this service but they are also at the forefront of groundbreaking developments for sight related issues. They work with leading UK charities to lobby government to make a difference to people living with eyesight problems and are making progress! Their passion and committment to their expertise is evident to see when you meet them and hear about their latest developments.

Whether you are considering an eye examination or one of our specialist services, Telfords can be your eyecare provider.